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I launched the FWLC because I wanted to save women from making all the mistakes I've done and seen. I wanted to put an end to these quick fix diets and break down the stereotypes about female fitness. I guess I took a bit of a risk because the FWLC goes against a LOT of the ideas out there.
The FWLC is built on making long term lifestyle changes and not just how quickly we can get a set of abs. It’s about providing you with the information, support and motivation so you can create healthy and sustainable habits. It isn’t just about looking great – it’s about finally starting to feel as amazing and beautiful as you deserve to feel.
The FWLC really is such a great community to be a part of and I’m so happy and proud of how it’s grown and how many females it has helped so far. I’ve covered the main points just below take a look. However don’t just take my word for it…read what some of the FWLC graduates have to say.
What's Involved?
The FWLC is a female only, online group programme that runs over a 10 day period. During that time you will learn about the correct exercise, food intake, sleep, hydration, digestion and how to feel confident in mind and body. You will be part of an incredible and inspiring community of females just like you and I will also be there encouraging and guiding you every step of the way.
Accountability and Support
Every other day you will check in with me via a really easy to use online button, which means:
* You can update me on various things – training, nutrition, sleep, mindset and any areas that you’re struggling with – I can then help and change things as needed .

* We can celebrate your wins – we’re so bad for focusing on the negatives when really we should be super happy for all the great things we’ve achieved.

* I will on the phone with you talking about how to resolve the problems… SO much better than a looong email and you’ll feel like I’m right there with you.
There’s also a private Facebook page just for the FWLC ladies so you never feel like you’re in it alone. When I started this page I honestly didn’t realise what a huge impact it would have – everyone is in the same position and we all have slip ups but with the group page you always have that supportive network around you to help pick you back up and keep you motivated.
The FWLC is about getting you moving, eating to feel good and having lots of fun in the process. My role is to help you find something that works for you and to provide the support and guidance you need to keep you accountable and on track.
Exercise That's Actually Fun
The FWLC tailored plan will include: 
* Three gym programmes.

* Your own personal PTHub profile – a really easy to use app that you can have with you at any point. It allows you to track your progress and access a huge range of exercise demos so you’re never struggling.
All The Foods
Like so many of you, I love eating out, drinking G&T and just generally having fun and I don’t believe in having set plans that stop us from doing all of that. For me, the biggest thing is that nothing is off limits – pasta, enchiladas, chocolate, gin (just a few of my favourites!) – it’s all about learning what works for your body and practising moderation. 

Your FWLC plan will include: 
* Your own personal LBLife Nutrition tool - a really easy to use spreadsheet that will do all the hard work for you. It calculates exactly what your calories & protein targets needs are and it allows you to track your progress so you know how well things are going.
* Sample meal plans for each calorie target
Other FWLC ladies are also encouraged to post recipe ideas so you’re never short of inspiration.
Learn Together
Throughout the 10 days I’ll be posting daily videos on the private FWLC Facebook page covering some of things you may be struggling with such as: 
* Bodyweight – does it matter? How can you to stop letting it get you down and stalling your progress?
* How to build your confidence in the gym
* How to find the right calories for your body and your goals
* How social media can influence our perceptions of body image
* Eating out and meal prep whilst still having a social life
Become a FWLC Graduate
The 10 day FWLC programme will provide you with lots of information and you’ll feel much more confident to continue on alone but if you need more time and support to continue with the good work, you can become an FWLC Graduate! There is a dedicated LB | Female Fitness Group Facebook page. 

Your tailored LB | Female Fitness Group plan will include: 
* Access and support from the private LB FFG community Facebook page 
* A new training program every 4 weeks
* Full access to the FFG Nutrition Plan
* Access to the LB | Female Fitness Video page covering a broad range of topics 
* One LIVE video from me each week so you can ask me any questions
* One recorded video covering a trending topic each week
* Direct assess to me - I offer out my mobile number so we can have a chat so it feels like i'm right there with you, providing solutions
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What have you got to lose?
Here's what some of my members have to say
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